In 1999 the Charity was given a lease on an area of land in Trent Park, owned by the London Borough of Enfield. Thanks to generous donations from businesses, local residents and charitable trusts, we have slowly been able to create a rehabilitation Centre to house injured patients and provide a permanent home for those creatures who cannot be returned to the wild.

All of the animals at Trent Park Animal Centre are either recovering from injuries and will be released when well enough to survive in the wild. If they cannot be released the centre will provide a safe sanctuary for life. Some have been orphaned, abandoned, or saved from neglectful owners. All of them have been helped in some way by WRAS and they all have a story to tell.



Molly the Sheep

Molly has been living at the centre for several years. She has a very loving and inquisitive character. Her best friend is a turkey, who she shares a pen with.



Bubs was rescued by the centre and hand reared by June, one of the founders of WRAS. Muntjac Deer love affection and give kisses - Bubs is no different. Bubs loves dog biscuits as a treat.


Spud the Pig

Spud is 9 years old. He came to live at the centre when his owners realised that they could no longer look after him (he grew too big). Like most pigs Spud is very intelligent and social animal.


Squeaky the Muntjac Deer

Squeaky, is best friends with Bubs another Muntjac Deer. They share an enclosure together and are often found up close and personal with visitors at the centre. Squeaky loves dog biscuits too.


Zippy the Shetland Minature Pony

Zippy is a Shetland Miniature Pony, he was found in a field along with three other ponies. He was rescued and brought to live at the centre as a companion for Dusty.


Dusty the Shetland Pony

Dusty is a Shetland Pony, who came to live at the centre after being mistreated by her owner. Despite her earlier life she is very trusting.


Daphne the Fallow Deer

Found living in a local crematorium she came to live at the centre. She is a well-loved resident.


Freddy the Fox

We had two foxes living at the centre. Unfortunately Freddy, who had been with us a

14 years, recently passed away from old age. Foxes very smart and loyal. They are often misunderstood.



A terrapin is one of several small species of turtle which lives in fresh or brackish water.